O/T The passing of my Grandma- Ida Sanders-Cooper

March 7, 2013 Respect  No comments

I normally don’t get personal on my blog but, I figured I would step outside of the box to help cope with a very recent loss my family and I are experiencing. Last night, I received the devastating news that my maternal Grandmother, Ida Sanders-Cooper had passed away. Though I knew it was coming because the only thing guaranteed in this life is death, it did not ease the hurt over losing her. I saw her Tuesday night while she was in the hospital and it broke my heart to see her laying in the hospital bed as she was: unable to talk outside of a prayerful mumble. Seeing her reduced from the strong, thick-boned woman who struck fear in the hearts of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to this frail shell of a woman shattered me. I knew when I touched her arm and whispered “Goodnight Grandma” before leaving to take my mother home that it would be the last time I saw her alive.
I received the call from my mother a little after 8:30PM Wednesday evening letting me know that she had passed on. I can’t describe what happened next. I remember screaming, I remember my bluetooth falling from my ear and gathering my daughter, son and nephew up so we could drive back to my mother’s house to console her. I think there is no greater loss outside of burying your own child than losing your mother. Especially if she was a good mother. I won’t say my grandma was perfect because that is far from the truth. She was flawed just as we all are. But my God that woman was funny. The stories she used to tell from her youth and from my mother’s youth would have you in tears. Her voice, the raspy sound and the way she would curl her mouth when she heard someone speak foolishly, I swear she was the originator of the “c’mon son” face. LOL! I will miss hearing my mother call her to ask her what the number was. I will miss hearing my grandmother call me to ask me to check online to see what the number was. Man, she played her lottery faithfully almost every day and would hit the lottery at least two to three times a month. She baked a mean pie, and gave out even meaner ass whippings LOL.The last conversation that I had with her in January before she became very ill, she said to me: “Don’t let anybody wear you down, or wear you out. Don’t let anybody aggravate you. Don’t extend yourself more than you have to. Make sure you take care of yourself and take care of your babies because that’s what’s more important.” RIP Grandma Ester. You are going to be missed more than you could possibly imagine…

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