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Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly Dead at 34 in Atlanta Georgia

May 2, 2013 Respect  No comments

Mac Daddy: "Don't try to compare us to another bad little fad
I'm the Mac and I'm bad give you something that you never had
I'll make ya Jump Jump wiggle and shake your rump
Cause I'll be kicking the flavor that makes you wanna Jump
How high? Real high
Cause I'm just so fly
A young loveable, huggable type of guy
And everything is the back with a little slack
Cuz inside-out is wiggida wiggida wack
I come stompin' with somethin' pumpin' to keep you jumpin'
R&B, Rap, and Bullcrap is what I'm dumpin'
And ain't something about Kris Kross we all that'
So when they ask do they rock
Say believe that" - Jump Lyrics Courtesy of

I believe I was in the 2nd grade when this rap duo hit the scene and I just thought they were the BOMB.COM!! Every time the song came on Power 99FM, I turned the radio up as loud as my mother would allow me to and rapped along as I bopped around the kitchen in our old home in Blumberg Projects. I never got the whole wearing the pants backwards thing and I can still remember my mother saying: "That's stupid. How the hell do they go to the bathroom. I guess that's why they're pants are hanging off their ass they can just "jump jump" out of them" LOL! I didn't really dig the diss that they made against Another Bad Creation (ABC) but I still loved the song and thought they were so cool.

Though they kinda fell off the Hip-Hop radar, Jump Jump still remained a popular song in my eyes and I still managed to remember the lyrics. And the NBA keeps me rapping along with it when it is played while players "jump ball". Not to mention Justin Timberlake's character being teased in the movie Friends With Benefits and rapping along to the song as it played.

It saddened me to hear that Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly passed away in his ATL home yesterday. He was only 34. What saddens me even more is reading reports that it was an alleged overdose yet no autopsy had been performed. Would it kill the media to have a little respect for the dead as well as the family? Until an autopsy proves that he died of an overdose, don't smear his name in the papers or on blogs giving his fans the impression that he was a drug addict or succumb to a drug addiction. Wait until you have the facts before you begin throwing speculation. So since this is throwback Thursday, for those who have not seen the "Jump, Jump" video before or it's been a while, let's do a little Blake Griffin time traveling back to 1992 and let the robust lyrics of Kriss Kross' "Jump, Jump" flow through your brain. Peace!

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