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New Urban Erotica Novel Underway; Ebony Femme Fatale

January 20, 2013 Introduction  No comments

It is mind boggling how I can be writing three novels at once. What's even more mind boggling is being able to sort out the flashes I am getting so I can tell which flash goes with which book. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but it's how my creative writing works.

So I am writing this new book. It will be my first Urban Erotica novel but geared more towards the BDSM and Fetish lifestyle. This will be in no way, shape, or form life 50 Shades of Grey nor am I piggy backing off of that story. This has been an idea that I danced around with for quite a few years but I was not comfortable (or mature) enough to write it. I more so was concerned with what my family would think once they read it. But hey, it's my imagination. I can't hold back because of potential scrutiny.

The name of the book is called "Ebony Femme Fatale" and it is based on some of my personal experiences in the BDSM lifestyle as an on-line Mistress as well as the few real time sessions I have had. This will not be labeled as Non-Fiction. Though some of the things I will described in this book do indeed happen, they are not my exact experiences. The events and ideas in this novel will just be BASED off of my experiences and conversations I have had with other Ebony Femdom Mistresses, Submissive and Slaves.

The main character in the story is a young Ebony Femdom Mistress who is called Goddess Melinda aka the Ebony Femme Fatale. It is written in first person so readers can get a better feel of her emotions and how she view most of her devoted subjects, who are predominately white men. She engages in all forms of fetish kinks such as Cuckolding ( for those who do not know what that is, I will be blogging more about this book later on and will be going in deep detail of that fetish among others) Self Bukkake, Small Cock Humiliation, Cock & Ball Torture, Erotic Hypnosis, Foot, Leg, High Heel and Ass Fetish, Verbal Humiliation, Orgasm Denial, Chastity, Anal training and more. Strictly she is a Findom or a Financial Dominatrix who engages in Money Extraction and Financial Expenditures with men who have a fetish for spoiling glamorous and gorgeous young black women such as herself. Her story will be told vividly beyond anyone's imagination and definitely is not for the closed minded. For an idea of what this novel will be about, here is a preview of the first few pages:


Ebony Femme Fatale

Staring down at this pink bitch as he groveled over the beauty of my perfectly toned calves and thick, ebony thighs encased in a pair of expensive, Italian, silky shear nylon stockings caused a sexy yet sadistic grin to spread across my face. Another male bitch, broken by my beauty, has fallen hopelessly to his knees, succumbing to an addiction he surely will never be able to overcome. I watched in part disgust and in part amusement as “my bitch” stuck out his long, pink and wet tongue to lick across the bottom of my expensive Christian Louboutin high heel that he graciously purchased using his company’s platinum credit card. I saw him shudder as he let out a joyous groan, his eyes closing in ecstasy as he tasted where my perfect shoe graced the concrete with each step I had taken previously. My Ebony beauty and natural female power exuded superiority and flowed outward and over his helpless, submissive and pathetic weak self. “My Bitch” nestled his face against my shoe as a child would snuggle close to his mother for the sake of comfort, belonging and acceptance. What a pathetic loser. And he was just one of many…

I am Goddess Melinda, an Ebony Femdom Mistress. Some consider me a Dominatrix. My pets recognize me as the dominant, ebony femme fatale I am. I am dominant by nature; bossy, bitchy, and a no non-sense taking superior female who joyously prey on the weaknesses of submissive white men who come to me crawling on their pathetic hands and knees to sample my strength in the ability to tame and control the weaker subject. While many look down on the fetish lifestyle, I profit from it; Financial Domination, where I engage in degrading money extractions and humiliating financial expenditures with men who come from wealthy backgrounds that love spoiling a glamorous Ebony Goddess like myself. Men, who understand that their purpose in life is solely to provide for me and enrich my life with the finer things the world has to offer, come from all over to serve me; whether it is on-line through cyber domination or in person like this pathetic runt kneeling before me, in a real time session.

I can imagine, that many people frown upon me and see me as some money grubbing prostitute using my body for financial gain. You truly have no idea what you are talking about. It is quite the opposite. Never have I ever stripped for these misfit pigs as I know the key to maintaining the upper hand and remaining in control is to NOT get naked and to NOT engage in any form of sexual contact as that keeps the slave longing for more. I control the libido. Therefore, I control the man. And in that control, I now am the Alpha Female in this power exchange or give and take relationship, and he is merely my bitch. So while chicks are in the clubs, sliding down nasty poles and twerking their bodies this way and that way for part time bull-shit nickel and dime hustlers to make it rain enough for them to catch a cab home and catch a cab back the next night to repeat the same failed process, I simply sit atop my throne and cash in with little to no effort.

At twenty-three years old, I have had my college tuition fully paid for by many of my slaves who have served me and continue to serve me while insuring I become a force to be reckoned with in the “vanilla” work world. I own my own home in an upscale area of New Jersey and have never had to write one single check for my mortgage, as it is paid by one of my many devoted submissives. While I enjoy working in the corporate world as a Financial Advisor for one of the top Stock Brokerage Firms in New York, I truly do not have to as all that I need and all that I want is provided for me on a daily basis. Many people work because they have to. I simply work because I want to.

I can feel “my bitch’s” hands massaging too happily against my thighs. I wave my finger at him to let him know he is being a naughty boy before giving him a hard slap to his face.

“You know better,” I said to him in a firm voice with a seductive grin on my face.

He stutters as he speaks, his face undoubtedly stinging from my slap, “Yes, Mistress. I apologize. May I please have the honor of smelling your divine and perfect ebony feet?”

I give off a dramatic yawn as if he is boring me. “Why would I let you have that kind of joy when you haven’t done a thing to please me?” I ask him. He knows exactly what I mean by this and immediately crawls over to his wallet and pulls out a knot of cash; twenty $100 dollar bills and fifty $20 dollar bills just the way I like it. He then puts it back in his wallet before clenching it between his teeth and crawls back to me like a good pup. I take the wallet from him and pet him on his head like the good bitch he is and then pull the money from his wallet. He watches me as I seductively lick my finger as I know that drives him crazy, and begin counting the money. I lift my foot in the air after partially sliding it from the high heel and let it dangle before him.

“Sniff, bitch!” I order him without looking at him as I continue to count MY money.

“Oh thank you, divine Goddess! This pathetic foot slave bitch will be happy to smell your sweaty, nylon covered feet!” He eagerly pulls the high heel from my foot and presses the sole against his face like a gas mask, before inhaling my scent. I can hear him taking deep whiffs of the inside of my shoe as if the very smell was a drug and he was getting high.

I giggled, “Smells good, doesn’t it, Foot Bitch?” I asked as I continued to count through the money.

“Yes, Mistress. Your feet are immaculate!” He held onto my foot and sniffed the soles of them. He sniffed from my heel, up the arch of my foot and to my toes. I spread them apart slightly and wiggled them as I knew that would drive him crazy. And that’s when he made a grave mistake. The nasty foot sniffing pig bitch licked the bottom of my foot and put my toe in his mouth. I looked at him with fire in my eyes and threw the money in his face as hard as I could. He jumped, knowing he was in big trouble.

“You insolent little FUCK! Did I tell you that you could taste?” I asked harshly as I rose from my chair.

“N… no Mistress,” he stammered as he cowered on his hands and knees, bracing himself for what he knew was coming.

I reached back and back slapped the spit out of him. He whimpered as he continued to cower.

“It never fails! I give you an inch and you try to take a fucking mile! I give you a crumb and you still insist on having the whole fucking slice of cake. I’m going to learn you today, you pathetic pink bitch!” I sneered at him.

“I’m sorry, Mistress! I’m such a greedy and pathetic foot bitch. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Shut up!” I yelled before slapping him again. I pushed him onto the floor and stuck my foot in his face. “This is what you wanted, right?” I asked as I covered practically his entire face with my size 10 foot. He was unable to answer as my toes were smashing his mouth. I pulled my chair closer to him so I could sit down and took my other heel off before placing both of my feet onto his face, trampling him. I playfully tap danced all over his face, neck and chest while belittling and degrading him. When I knew I had him where I wanted him, I made him get back on his knees.

“Whose bitch are you?” I asked him as I leaned so close to his face he could smell my breath.

“I’m your bitch, Goddess Melinda,” he whimpered.

I slapped him in his face. “What did you call me?”

“I’m sorry, Goddess Melinda,” he said in response.

I slapped the shit out of him again. “Is that how you are allowed to address me, you fucking loser?” I scolded him.

“No, Goddess Melinda,” he replied. I slapped him in his face again, and then back slapped him, and then front slapped him and just as I was about to back slap his pathetic pink ass again, he began to shake and grunt loudly. The pathetic bitch was ejaculating all over his floor, never once touching his penis. I laughed at him loudly as I clapped my hands together, tickled with the power I have over some of these worthless runts. He struggled to get control of his breathing as his body jerked like a man suffering from turrets.

I stood up and said with disgust, “Now look at the mess you’ve made. Somebody has to clean it up and it sure as hell won’t be me.” I casually strolled behind him and ran my fingers through his hair before grabbing a handful of it and putting my knee in his back forcing him to bend over. “Lick it up, cum sucker! Every fucking drop!” I felt him try to struggle a little so I tightened the grip on his hair and pushed my knee in his back even more until his face was inches away from his puddle of jizz on the hardwood floors. I heard him let out a piteous groan and peaked around to see him licking the contents of his scrotum sacks off of the floor. He lapped that ball juice up like a cat would lap up a bowl of milk. I shook my head in disgust.

“Mop that fucking floor with your tongue, bitch! You better not leave one fucking drop behind, do you understand me, you nasty cum guzzling, foot sniffing cunt!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I heard him manage to say with his tongue pressed against the floor. He finished licking up his cock sauce and I let him up. He rushed to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out with whatever mouthwash he had and I slipped back into my 5 inch Christian Louboutin heels. I picked the money up from off the floor and slipped it into my Gucci wallet. I heard my bitch returning from the bathroom as I was retrieving my Chosen Furs Lambskin Leather Coat with Fox Fur trim.

“Let me help you with that, Mistress,” my bitch offered. He helped me slip into my coat and handed my Vintage Web Original Gucci handbag to me. “As always, it was a pleasure serving you, Goddess.”

“Of course it was,” I said with a hint of conceit to my voice.

“May I call you tonight on Niteflirt?” he asked with a hopeful look on his face.

I shrugged as if I were bored with him, which I absolutely was. “I’ll think about it. I have other things to do. But if I feel like tolerating you once more this evening, you can message me on Yahoo to find out.”

“Thank you, Mistress. I hope you will allow me to speak with you once more.”

I ignored his last comment as he opened the door for me. “Catch you later, Jerry.” I slipped on my Gucci framed sunglasses and made my way out to my 2013 Mercedes CLS63 AMG Coupe. The sun hadn’t yet set and it appeared as though pink, orange and purple colored taffys were stretching across the sky. A brief drizzle had moved through the area leaving the air damp and chilly. I tweaked the alarm on my car and climbed inside. I didn’t start it right away as my thoughts drifted off to Jerry; the foot sniffing cum licking slave and the many others who were like him. The disgusting acts that they indulged in solidified my reason behind leading a single life. Though I was far from being a lesbian and enjoyed the company of the Alpha Black Male, knowing that there were men in the world that enjoyed cuckolding, cock and ball torture, self-bukkake, small cock humiliation, and worshiping Big Black Cock angered me a bit. Some of these men were not the typical weak punks who submissive men are misinterpreted as being. A lot of these men were the go to guys, the men who were once popular jocks in school, leaders at their jobs, and led a pretty dominant life. Those were the ones who mostly enjoyed the perverse doings in the BDSM and Fetish lifestyle. They were the main ones sneaking off to Glory Holes in the adult book stores and theaters, seeking out random dicks to suck on in dark, musky booths that reeked of sex from its previous occupants’ jerk off sessions. If a lot of women knew what I knew, they might be a little more cautious about who they bedded, trusted, had children by and ultimately married. I was well aware of these creatures of dark and kinky habits. And with this knowledge, I take full advantage daily; an Ebony Femme Fatale indeed…

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