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Bryant Jennings says “By-By” to Bowie Tupou on NBC Sports

December 9, 2012 Bryant "By-By" Jennings  No comments

This was a great weekend for Philly Sports starting with a "skin of the teeth" 95-94 victory for the Sixers over the Boston Celtics on Friday and ending with the Eagles skin of the teeth 23-21 victory over the Tampa Bay Bucs today. The Eagles barely got a touchdown with only 2 seconds left in the game to clinch the win. But the high-light of the weekend came late Saturday evening when North Philadelphia native, Bryant "By-By" Jennings extended his heavy weight boxing record  to 16-0 and snagged a 5th round knock out against Bowie Tupou. I was unable to make the fight, but watched eagerly as the fight was aired live on NBC Sports.

It was a packed house at Temple's Magonical Hall in the North Philadelphia section of the city as fans and supporters from all over came to see the fighter put on a remarkable show against his opponent, Bowie Tupou. Jennings, who is ranked number 5 among all heavy weights by the International Boxing Association, recently came off of a KO victory against heavy puncher, Chris Koval, knocking him out in just a mere 35 seconds into the fight. Though the pressure was on Jennings for his match Saturday, you never would have guessed what kind of pressure he was under by watching him briefly train in the back before entering the ring.

I sat nervously on my couch watching with my daughter who begged me to let her stay up late so she could see the fight, too. I honestly don't think I breathed during the actual rounds and took brief breaths when the bell rang. They mixed it up in the first round, Jennings clearly getting a feel for his opponent as he demonstrated his speedy foot work, capability to dodge jabs and his unbelievable reach. It wasn't until the 3rd round that the fight "got real". I still say it was a slip (though Jennings admitted that his knock down was "more of an equilibrium" thing). A punch thrown by Tupou put the young heavy weight down for just a brief moment, but with resilience, he was back up on his feet and mixing it up some more. Jennings showed he is not to be trifled with at the end of the  3rd round and in the 4th round. The 5th round is when it all came to a beautiful end. After throwing a series of jabs and hooks, Jennings finished off Tupou 1:37 into the 5th round. Right, left, uppercut and down went Tupou. There was no coming back after that.

It was a pleasure seeing Bryant "By-By" Jennings extend his record to 16-0 with 8 knockouts. While some people maybe asking "what's next?" for him, I'm curious as to WHO'S next? Congratulations on the win. Great show!

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