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Yani has gone “Natural” Rock the ‘Fro

July 3, 2013 Respect  No comments

Beautiful African American Woman

So I have decided to ditch the weaves and rock my natural hair. It was something that I had been considering for a long time but I naively loved the variety of wearing weaves, not realizing I could achieve a better variety with my own hair. Prior to cutting my hair last year, I had not had a relaxer in my head for more than two years. I foolishly let that ghetto-ass hair salon (not saying any names or pointing any elbows) put a relaxer in my hair before giving me the hair cut and style that I DID NOT ask for. Once I started letting my hair grow back and became serious about going natural, I looked absolutely ridiculous. The top of my hair was mostly straight but the back and most of the sides was thick, kinky and tightly curled. I looked like Samuel Jackson from Unbreakable with like three different styles in my head at once. That was not going to fly. I could have did a long transition but to me it was just trifling looking, so I cut all of the relaxer out of my head. That made my hair super short and there was no way I was going to walk around looking like some little boy. So back to the weaves. First I began sewing them in (as best I could considering how short my hair was) and my hair was growing back rather quickly with the products I was using (Shea Moisture). But upon taking one of the sew ins out of my head, I accidentally cut some of my hair in the back of my head. After all of my hard work! So sew ins were OUT! I began wearing weave caps with my hair braided underneath and sometimes I would do an invisible part. But that damn glue was doing more harm than good. So no more invisible parts no matter how nice they looked. Then I just began wearing the caps with my hair still braided underneath and using the Shea Moisture products to keep my hair moisturized. My hair grew very quickly. Upon taking my last weave cap out (which was a fabulous short cut) I noticed that my hair had grown to be exceptionally long considering the big chop I had done ten months prior. So I washed and conditioned my hair, blow dried it and combed and brushed it into a pretty Afro. I looked amazing, like a little African Princess. I knew at that moment that it would be a minute and a half before I went back to weaves again.

I will admit, it is a lot of work to maintain my hair as it is very thick, sometimes it gets extremely dry and I have to try out various products to keep my hair healthy and looking good. I sometimes spend at least three hours just untangling, washing and conditioning my hair before I twist it up to wear it in a kinky-curly Fro-style. But it is well worth it. Of course I am given strange stares because too many people think "nappy" hair is unattractive. They've been conditioned to believe that their natural beauty isn't real beauty at all and to obtain what the masses see as "real beauty" is to slap a relaxer in to make it bone straight, put a weave in to make it super long, dye it, fry it and slick it to the side. That is false, false, false. To me, nothing is more beautiful than a well kept, healthy Afro, or kinky-curly styled hair, big hair, twisted blow out hair; it is absolutely gorgeous! I have gone from this-

To this-

To this-

I am definitely keeping the last one. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing wrong with weaves, if you're wearing it because you like wearing weaves. But if you're wearing it because you think it enhances your beauty, you have some serious soul searching to do and are in dire need of some self-esteem uplifting. Love the skin you're in. I do! Peace!

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