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Barack Obama- The Sequel

November 7, 2012 Barack ObamaRespect  No comments

As I sit writing this blog post, I am listening to President Barack Obama's acceptance speech after winning the election and securing his RIGHTFULLY EARNED position as the 44th President of the United States. I missed it last night, battling a headache brought on by anxiety, hope, fear, edginess and other emotions that many others were probably feeling as well. I kept reminding myself, as long as we get Florida, Ohio, Virgina and California, we've got this in the bag. But even those thoughts of comfort could not ease my mind. Just like in 2008, my daughter begged me to stay up and watch the results of the election so that she could witness history. She made it to 10:30pm before passing out on the couch. But upon sending her to bed, she said to me just as she said four years ago, "Mommy, can you let me know who wins?" Except this time she added (after seeing Romney winning so many states and not fully understanding the importance of the "battle ground states" that needed to be won)-"I got a feeling it's about to get real." I promised her that I would. But just like in 2008, I too nodded off for a brief moment and was awakened by neighbors cheering and screaming because Barack Obama had been projected the winner of the 2012 Presidential Election. Upon receiving that news...I exhaled.There are people who do not believe President Obama should have won. They claim he is not fit for the position. They think he is going to send this country to hell in a hand basket. They think the incompetence of the many US Citizens who voted for him only voted for him because he is Black. Oh how wrong too many of you are. Of course there are some who voted for him because he is "One of us". Just like there are people who voted against him because he is "one of us". I chalk that up to ignorance. But unlike many of the people who could not support their beliefs on why they felt Obama is the wrong man for the job, there were two times as many who could state why he is THE RIGHT MAN for the job with indisputable facts. One of the reasons I voted for Barack Obama because he was once apart of the 47 percent. He came from a background similar to mines as well as the people I know. He may not have grown up in the projects, but does that make his struggle to rise to the position he is in any different than mine or those struggling to make it? There are those who say he has not done anything for the Black Community. There are those who say he shouldn't be expected to single handedly repair the Black Community and the only reason people expect that of him is because he is Black. I agree on both sides (partially). There are issues crippling the Black Community that I believe Obama should focus on; such as poverty, lack of resources, violence. I believe he should focus on these issues not because he's Black and "we're" Black, but because a good portion of his support comes from such communities and that is a way to insure us that he has our back just like we have his. BUT, I also believe we need to do our part as a unit to fix these crippling aspects of our communities. How often do we participate in City Council Meetings and discuss ways to better the neighborhoods and support our children's hunger for knowledge? How often do parents attend back to school night and actually stick around to hear the plan the principals and teachers have outlined for the school year? How many parents challenge the curriculum and make it known that inner city kids should have the same quality of education that suburban children have? Raise your hands!! Before we can say outloud what Obama should be doing for "our communities", how about we stop whispering about it in dark corners, Facebooking about it and actually move together as a unit to show that "WE" are serious about change. People look back at the Civil Rights Movement and say, "well there are no more Martin Luther Kings, no more Malcolm Xs, no more Rosa Parks." Each and everyone of us have the capability to be one of them if not better, but instead we're looking around waiting for someone else to take the lead. "Niggas are scare of Revolution". I believe all together, Obama can make this country better for us all. But he can't do it alone.Like it or not Barack Obama-The Sequel is here. If you didn't vote because you believed it wouldn't make a difference, what exempts you from the problem of allowing our fate to be in the hands of other people, or the wrong people? I don't agree with everything he has done, but I look at what he is trying to accomplish, what he has accomplished and then I look at Mitt Romney. I'm not rich. I'm not white. I am a college student who does not come from a family that can cut me a check to pay for school out of pocket. I am a Black woman and I am a single mother. That makes me apart of the 47 percent, according to Mitt Romney. Therefore, he is not the right choice for me. Barack Obama-the sequel...that has a ring to it. (Thanks Sharmon!) Four More Years! They didn't give us our 40 acres and a mule. So we took 50 states and The White House...AGAIN!!!

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